Q: Do any of your products contain THC?

A: No, none of our products contain any traces of THC.


Q: How long does Shipping take?

A: Shipping will take between 3-5 business days (excludes weekends) once your payment has reached us. Please note that this can take up to 2 business days for payment to reach. Shipping charges depend on weight of your order. All parcels are sent through express postage with tracking for your convenience which is sent to your email that was used when placing your order. 


Q: Do you have a Rewards program?

A:  Yes! It is brand new and will be launching in a few weeks time 🙂


Q: Do you offer any reduction on product prices or shipping?

A: Every new customer is entitled to use the 104U code that is advertised on the front page of the website. This code will give new customers $10 off their first order. You can only use this one time, 1 per customer. 


Q: Where do you source your ingredients and products?

A: All of the ingredients used in our products are sourced within Australia from other Australian businesses. They are all natural or organic and we highly pride ourselves on supporting other Australian businesses. 


Q: Do you offer lab testing results?

A: Yes! Lab testing has been completed by Canna labs in WA for the new Curabis oil. Feel free to fill out a contact form to access this info or you can find it in the highlights section of our IG account @thecannalady_ 


Q: Will you be stocking stronger oil in the near future?

A: Yes, it is finally here! The new Curabis oil has arrived. Feel free to click on the front page for more information. 


Q: Which payment methods are available?

A: Direct bank transfer is the only payment option. This is how we have been running things for almost 4 years and is a safe way to pay. Unfortunately we are unable to offer customers Paypal, afterpay, square and stripe payment options at this time and are working on other ways to support different payment options for the near future.  


Q: How can I contact The Canna Lady?

A: Via the contact page, email or social media.

Email- thecannalady@outlook.com IG @thecannalady_